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Special Feature: Open Laboratory for Semiconductor Packaging

Creating New Value at the Open Laboratory

Technology innovations required for next-generation IoT devices

This column reveals the mission of the Open Laboratory. The unique strengths of Hitachi Chemical, and details of the facility will be introduced in the following article.

Creating New Value with Customers

In June 2014, Hitachi Chemical unveiled the Open Laboratory for Semiconductor Packaging with a mission to “promote open innovation with customers and manufacturing partners.” Its predecessor, the JISSO Center, was established in 1994. It promoted the development of packaging materials based on evaluation and analysis methodology created within the center, while offering timely solutions to customers supporting the semiconductor supply chain, including device and material manufacturers. Until June 2017, the JISSO Center hosted a cumulative total of 472 corporate customers.

Through the promotion of enhanced initiatives targeting value creation with industry partners, Hitachi Chemical helps streamline the increasingly complicated package design and product development cycle allowing for quick-turnaround device evaluation for the IoT society of the future. The Open Laboratory is a center of excellence seekingĀ collaborative opportunities for the refinement of next generation packaging technology.

The Open Laboratory for Semiconductor Packaging

The Open Laboratory for Semiconductor Packaging is fully equipped with state-of-the-art packaging and evaluation equipment needed to accelerate research and development of next-generation package solutions. It provides support to ensure smooth commercialization of products, by offering one-stop comprehensive solutions.

Strengths and Features

[Coming Soon] Supporting Smooth Commercialization of Products Based on Packaging Evaluations

Packaging evaluations can be conducted using components brought in by customers and material samples from Hitachi Chemical. Our mission is to accelerate the path toward mass production.