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Development of a New Material to Expand the Possibilities of Next-Generation Telecommunications with Low Transmission Loss

Low-Transmission-Loss Material

Application of Hitachi Chemical’s Proprietary Technologies

Hitachi Chemical has been engaged in the development of substrate materials for ICT infrastructure, including the Light Wave series (LW-910G). Through these activities, we cultivated technologies to develop low-dielectric resins suitable for high frequency applications, resin compatibilization technologies, and filler composition technologies. We also have resin synthesis technologies, including those for acrylic resins and urethane resins.

Our personnel began development with the belief that combining various proprietary technologies would allow to them to overcome the tradeoffs between low-dielectricity, adhesion, and workability. They developed a new, low-dielectric, thermosetting resin featuring superior adhesiveness. Using this resin as the base material, they developed AS-400HS, a low-transmission-loss material with optimal blending composition.

AS-400HS has the lowest dielectricity of any thermoplastic resin material. It boasts superior adhesion to copper. The use of a low-profile copper foil with this material reducds transmission losses in the copper circuit. In addition, resins have excellent thermosetting properties to support multilayer molding like FR-4. We succeeded in developing a material with unprecedentedly low transmission loss while increasing the flexibility of circuit design.

Future Development

The flexibility of AS-400HS expands application to both flexible and rigid substrates. Adopting low-dielectric materials, like AS-400HS, for flexible substrates instead of polyimide, we increase the flexibility of circuit designs for high-speed telecommunications.

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