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Thin, Strong, and Clear
Using Our Resin Composition Expertise to Reduce the Weight of Automotive Glass

Shock-Absorbing Film

Hitachi Chemical’s Proprietary Resin Design and Composition Technologies

Hitachi Chemical is an industry leader in resin composition, compounding, and design with know-how to control optical properties such as resins’ refractive index and transparency. Increasing the shock absorption of our resin required a review of the resin’s molecular design. We developed a material concept to improve the resin’s rheology by using an ultrahigh molecular weight resin composition with intermolecular (ionic / van der waals bonding) interactions. After a series of failures, researchers finally succeeded in discovering the conditions for improving shock-absorbing properties without compromising transparency or adhesion to glass and other substrates.

We produced laminated glass samples with our newly developed shock-absorbing resin and verified the shock-absorbing performance using an iron ball drop test. Where the laminated glass using a conventional intermediate film cracked, the glass using an intermediate film made with our newly developed shock-absorbing resin did not. We were successful in achieving our goal.

Through these results, we see the opportunity to promote thinner, lighter weight glass to the automotive industry.

Future Development

Hitachi Chemical’s goal of contributing to a better society are not limited to weight reduction alone. We have technologies to increase resin functionality including UV and IR reduction, and heat insulating properties that could increase passenger comfort. We strive to use our expertise in resin composition and compounding to support the technologies of tomorrow.

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