Innovative Design Lab Potential Composition Capabilities, Molding Techniques, and System Construction Abilities

Hitachi Chemical Working On Wonders “Our pioneering spirit to explore uncharted area” is condensed in this varnish. The history of the Hitachi Chemical Group is a journey of innovation that brings “wonders” to society through the power of chemistry.

NEWHitachi Chemical has opened the “Innovative Design Lab,” to introduce our new technologies!

Hitachi Chemical has opened the “Innovative Design Lab” website as a place to introduce new process technologies and material solutions. Here we will introduced some of our solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations using Hitachi Chemical’s unique technologies and expertise. We will update contents. Stay tuned!



Development Stories


Development of a New Material to Expand the Possibilities of Next-Generation Telecommunications with Low Transmission Loss

Low-Transmission-Loss Material

Thin, Strong, and Clear
Using Our Resin Composition Expertise to Reduce the Weight of Automotive Glass

Shock-Absorbing Film